To The Rotund Man In The Black Suit

To The Rotund Man In The Black Suit

Dear Rush Limbaugh,

I suppose it would be easy for me to choose partisanship and root for the collapse of the country’s economy if I had your vast fortune in the bank. I’ll bet you’re not wishing ill will on the banks that contain YOUR money, are you? Maybe you don’t even have the cash in the bank? It looked like you had it sewn into the lining of your suit at CPAC. Black is not always slimming. Oh, and the unbuttoned silk shirt… how very Soprano of you.

Many of us out here in reality aren’t exactly in love with the stimulus plan, but after the past eight years we’re happy that there is, at long last, a plan of any sort. It may succeed. It may fail. It may require everyone to actually work together and tweak things along the way. Thanks for giving the new administration two whole weeks before you started playing your Us vs. Them shell game.

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. The thing I don’t get is why so many people are drawn to the blustering voice of a megalomaniacal drug addict? Maybe I missed a memo? Anyway, I’m just about done I suppose. Fuck off.


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