We are all astronauts
Flying through space
Stranded on this lonely rock
In the human race
I think they call it the human race
Because we’re not quite there
Can we endure
I’m not so sure
It’s all up in the air

Or are we just afterthoughts
Scattered drops in the sea
Drifting with the tides
Along for the ride
Floating on the breeze
Until we steer our train of thought
To a brave new land
A more perfect union
Not a state of confusion
A world where we understand

That we are all astronauts
Out among the stars
Our situation’s gravity
Is no one’s fault but ours
I think they call it gravity
To remind us of the weight
The weight on our shoulders
Don’t wait until we’re old
Or it might be too late

We are all astronauts
Sometimes we fall to Earth
Rising to orbit time and again
To search the universe
We are all astronauts
We’re not here for long
Together on this lovely rock
Right where we belong

We are all astronauts…

About the Author

I am patiently waiting for the Mothership to take me back to my planet.