Voter Fraud And The Orange Disaster

Voter Fraud And The Orange Disaster

There have been 31 incidents which may have involved voter fraud in over a billion ballots cast in US elections since the year 2000. This is widely accepted as an honest accounting of the issue among sane people.

Or, you can listen to the paranoid ramblings of a man who swore up and down that the election was rigged against him… until he won. Since then he has changed his battle cry to say that the only reason he lost the popular vote (a fact his ego cannot handle) was the 3-5 million people who voted illegally. He is either confusing or conflating the fact that voter registries do contain improper listings because they are not scrubbed often enough to reflect people who have died, moved to another state, etc. but 3-5 million? Seriously, even for him that’s quite the tall tale. His reasoning is ignorance run amok. To what degree it is willful is undetermined.

This is just another troubling sign of mental defect amid myriad signs, but “let’s give him a chance,” right? Why shouldn’t someone who used the fears of his constituents to prop up his complete farce of a campaign be allowed to rip the guts out of this country to further his demented agenda? At least that’s my take on things. I have no ill will for those among you who voted for him. I understand why you did. We all want the system to change, we simply disagree on how to go about it. My fear is that so many people have been conditioned by decades of partisan falsehoods, exaggerations, and misinformation that they will not apply their own critical thinking to future events as they occur.

It doesn’t matter if you voted for a candidate or not. Once they reach office, it is your duty to hold them accountable to doing the job we hired them to do, and that is to serve the collective will of the American people. If this is too political for you, tough shit. I am imploring anyone still reading to realize the importance of a citizenry who is leery of their government. It is yet another check and balance in our system and it is perhaps the most important one of all. Whether you like or dislike the policies currently being enacted, pay attention. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you see something say something, right? Politician heal thyself.

And now back to my regularly-scheduled balance of comic observations, surly sarcasm, occasional commentary, and fart jokes.

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