Zillionaires from birth, in the clouds they soar
Heads filled with air and ego, nothing more
No concept of what it means to be poor
Allusions to self, delusions of grandeur

In the heartland they’ve been sold a fairy tale they can’t afford
In No Heart Land the lies are their own reward
Thieving from a man in a sandwich board
Avarice, vapidness… writing a song of discord

How much is enough?
The spillway flows with rage
How much is enough?
The dam will surely break
How much is enough?
The question cuts both ways
How much must one man make?
How much can any man take?

You can be no one and make the most of every day
Step into the morning fog trying to find your way
You can be upper class yet have no class at all
Adrift on others’ coattails, heading for a fall

Your worth is not determined by your worth
But rather how you spend your time on Earth
Golden parachutes can fail in winds unknown
And you’ll sink like a stone into the fields of seeds you’ve sown

How much is enough?
Your myth crumbles under the spotlight
How much is enough?
The bigger the stage, the fewer places to hide
How much is enough?
Burning questions remain
How much can one man claim?
And have you no shame?

How much is enough?
The safety is off of the gun
How much is enough?
The round in the chamber explodes into the sun
How much is enough?
Only one question is left
Will you realize in time to find meaning
In a life of which it’s bereft?

How much is enough?

About the Author

I am patiently waiting for the Mothership to take me back to my planet.