OK, so sue me. I still laugh every time someone mentions Dick Armey’s name.

I haven’t been babbling on here much lately as I’ve been making an effort to channel my writing time into new lyrics. Today is a return to venting!

On the healthcare debate, I will say this: Only the Democrats could have a majority and find a way to turn it into a clusterfuck. Special interest groups and lobbyists continue to rule the day. The system is broke, and apparently it can’t afford to insure itself either…

Changing gears, I am making an early New Year’s Resolution if I may… I will release at least one, possibly two CDs in 2010. That is my singular goal aside from the obvious of being a good person, husband, father, etc. If I should happen to lose weight along the way, so be it.

The United States Post Office can suck it. I’ve bought and sold many guitars in this, the Age of eBay, and never had a problem. I’ve even gotten quite good at estimating the shipping costs within a few bucks. Cut to last week as I shipped yet another 6-stringed visitor out to pasture. The scene: Finksburg Post Office. A very nice clerk (which was a welcome change) takes the box from me and puts in on the scale. She questions the dimensions and I assure her that they meet the standards as I’ve shipped plenty of similar items over the years. I say to her that it should be around $32. She says it’s $35 for Priority Mail.

OK, good enough for me. Then she hits a key to advance to the next screen and her magic decoder box alerts her that the dimensions are indeed too big for the recently updated specifications and the box is not eligible for Priority. Fine, I’ll send it Parcel Post which is the slower, old school method. That should be cheaper, right? Nope. That’s gonna run me $67, or if I really need to get it there fast I can spend $97 for Express Mail. WTF? It’s only going to St. Louis, not Mars.

As the line of people behind me grows I ask one more time for clarity, “So, $67 is the best price you can give me to ship a guitar that’s only worth about $200?”

She confirms and I politely let her know I am off to FedEx… which took 1/3 of the time and ended up costing… drumroll, please… $36.

Moving right along… Boobies. Enough said.

To all of you folks advocating that we “keep the Christ in Christmas,” I know what you’re saying but I think that ship has sailed. I appreciate the sentiment, but as screwed up as things are these days you may need to settle for schlepping around a mall buying overpriced, poorly-constructed gifts as you try in vain to digest that fruitcake you had at the office party. Maybe it’s just me, but when someone asks what Jesus would do, I find it damn near impossible to believe that the answer is Zhu Zhu Pets!

On that topic, let’s simplify, shall we? No matter who or what you do or don’t believe in, be decent to other people until such time that they prove themselves unworthy of said treatment. That’s all someone – omnipotent or otherwise – can (or should) expect of you.

Then again, where’s the profit margin and/or power grab in that?

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