And Another Thing…

And Another Thing…

Some headlines and reactions:

Some opportunistic dick lawyer thinks he can get a piece of Shepard Fairey’s pie because his Obama art has become more than just a campaign poster. Fairey happened to use an AP photo as the basis for his painting because it was the right pose and facial expression he wanted to portray. Copyright infringement of a photograph – at least in my interpretation – would require someone to willfully misrepresent the same photograph as their own. The fucking idiots should be happy they’re getting all the free press associated with the print and stop trying to make an issue where there isn’t one. I guess in the AP’s hive mind, Obama should sue Fairey next for not licensing his likeness? Everything on this planet is not “actionable” and the sooner the douches who live to litigate realize this the better off we’ll all be.

This one is simple to me. I am a working musician and I do not need to be in love with everyone I provide the paid service of performing for. If someone has an aptitude that can earn them a living, I am all for it. I don’t care what the Bible says about it. The Bible also says it’s a sin to wear mixed fabrics among it’s myriad absurd declarations, so let’s ease up on the God angle for not selling booty. Regular testing. Clean, healthy options for the client and the service provider. Fewer pimps selling women into the equivalent of slavery. Fewer sexually frustrated, awkward, anti-social weirdos abducting women and children to satiate their twisted desires. A shitload of taxable income. Talk about a stimulus package!

Let me make this easy on everyone… Assume that everything Bush did was wrong until proven otherwise. Those of you out there who still jump to his defense whenever people pile on his litany of fuck-ups are welcome to comment with any instances you feel qualify. I actually hope you come up with something. I’m almost starting to feel sorry for the poor, dumb bastard. It’s not his fault a country full of morons elected one of their kind. He didn’t actually think he’d win. Running for office was just his way of not having to ruin yet another company for a few years. Upon emerging victorious he accepted the mantle and executed it to the best of his ability and – somehow, some way – we managed to survive it. Most of us anyway.

I’m sorry, but taking a hit off of a bong at a college party is perhaps the most normal thing this kid has ever done. There’s nothing normal about eating 10,000 calories a day so you can spend the rest of the day doing a Flipper impersonation. For that matter there’s nothing normal about sweeping the Olympics and having more gold around your neck than Flavor Flav. All of you judgmental, hypocritical assholes who have apparently forgotten your own youthful zest for fun really need to get over yourselves. You’re the ones who are all wet. And by the way, an extra special Cock Of The Day award for whoever took the picture and spent the last two months shopping it around. You must be so proud.

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