Who Puts The F In NFL?

Who Puts The F In NFL?

The officials, of course.

OK, final thoughts on the issue and then I will move on. If the call on the field is no touchdown you can’t reverse the call based on the replays that were available. They were nowhere approaching indisputable or we wouldn’t all be arguing about it, now would we? The Steelers made a few more big plays than the Ravens and may have gone for it all on 4th and goal and won anyway, but now we’ll never know because a fucking retard in a zebra suit doesn’t know the rules of the game.

Two feet in bounds with clear possession are the criteria used to determine sideline or back/side end zone catches, but I have never seen a touchdown catch before last night where the ball itself didn’t break the plane of the goal line. The replay system was put in place to correct obvious missed calls. It has become a vehicle that referees can manipulate to make the call that they’re pretty sure is definitely maybe probably the right call. The system needs a complete overhaul.

Let’s not forget also the spot of the ball replay that upheld a placement at the 30 despite the fact that EVERY replay from EVERY angle showed the runner never really got beyond the 29, and don’t tell me that it wasn’t a determining factor, because that drive would have been over and it ended up as a field goal. Everything that happens in a football game has an effect on how the remainder of the game plays out.

Let the players decide the games. This is not me being a homer for the Ravens. This shit happens multiple times every week and it really puts into question the integrity of the NFL, and even more so, the integrity of the guys in the Foot Locker employee outfits.

Now, on to some fun stuff:

Getting laid is a good thing. Getting off is a good thing. Getting laid off, not so much.

A pink slip that your wife brings on a romantic weekend. Good. A pink slip from your boss? Not good.

OK, that’s enough fun stuff. Between the NFL aggravation hangover, my one daughter being sick this morning and my other daughter being a pain in the ass about it, I’m not in the best mood. Later, people.

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