Take Two Scoops And Call Me In The Morning

Take Two Scoops And Call Me In The Morning

I took the family to Friendly’s for dinner this evening and I swear this was overheard as the waitress spoke to the booth next to us:

“So what’s with this crazy weather we’re havin’ where it gets dark so early? Makes me want to go home and go to bed at 5:00.”

She wasn’t being playful. I was there. She really had a question. The family at the booth chuckled nervously and played along. Well played, people. Well played.

Maybe the Robitussin has got a bit of a hold on me at the moment, because normally this is like a ball sitting on the tee waiting for me. Instead I am speechless. Speechless with an ice cream headache and a desperate desire to buy this woman some Elementary school text books or an Almanac.

Oh yeah, and she said, “Ya’ll…” with much greater frequency than you can even imagine. Nice lady, though, and the Black Raspberry ice cream was a nice distraction from my Really Rotten Cough Olympics.

Night, ya’ll.

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