A Couple Things…

A Couple Things…

To any and all running for political office:

Tell me WHAT YOU PLAN TO DO if you’re elected and stop pissing on your opponent! We know you don’t like your opponent. That’s why you’re opposing them, fucko!

I am absolutely sick and tired of these negative ads that are so predictable at this point that even George W. Bush can understand them.

To Megaplex Theaters in Utah:

Megaplex Theaters won’t show Zack and Miri Make A Porno, apparently because the word porno is in the title and that makes it a deviant film. Never mind that it’s a romantic comedy.

Just for fun I looked up the listings at the Megaplex 20 in South Jordan, UT and found that Saw V, Quarantine and even Sex Drive had all passed the test for public consumption.

Tell me, if pornography is such a moral chasm – who is it that is spending those couple of billion dollars on it each year? The industry’s income suggests a much broader clientele than just those willing to admit it.

Now that I think of it, maybe we should ban it so we could use that money to bail out a couple more of those criminals from Wall Street.

Do you think Megaplex officials even screened the movie before they banned it? I’m going to go ahead and assume no. Oh, and surprise! Larry Miller, the owner of Megaplex and the Utah Jazz (to name just a few) has one previous movie banning under his belt – pun definitely intended:

Drumroll, please… and the banishment goes to Brokeback Mountain! The best part is, at the time he banned that film his theaters were screening Hostel. I see a pattern. Dismembering people in the most vile, disgusting, inhumane ways possible is fine – after all, that was in the Bible. Love stories that veer off the age old script a bit shall be put asunder.

He later stated that he regretted the decision to ban the movie, but based on his actions I’d say his only regret was missing out on the box office dollars.

Congratulations, Larry! If you keep your head jammed up your ass like that there’s no chance of a gay cowboy or a porn deviant getting in there!

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