Another Example Of Why I Think I Am Not From Earth

Another Example Of Why I Think I Am Not From Earth

I will be brief. I was in the hospital waiting room waiting for my wife to complete her appointment. The TV was on CNN and there was a “diverse” assemblage of people in the room as the campaign speeches of Obama and McCain were televised.

Now, remember that this is Carroll County, so by diverse I mean that there were Ford AND Chevy fans present! Kidding, but you get where I am going with this… With the exception of one elderly woman, I was the only one in the room not wearing a hat emblazoned with a tool or gun company logo.

Anyway, one guy decided to start talking back to the television during the Obama speech. He starts saying things like, “It’s a shame, because I’m a democrat and I wouldn’t vote for that piece of shit if he was running for the PTA.”

OK, fine. He doesn’t like him. That’s his choice. So far we’re good. But then he kept talking…

“I’m from P.G. County and you’re not even allowed to have a McCain sign down there! You can’t turn on the TV or go anywhere without hearing about that son a of bitch! Everybody down there is for him since they’re all from the same tree, if you know what I mean.”

Wow. Really? Let me see if I can decipher your cleverly veiled, subtle-as-diarrhea-while-wearing-all-white, racist undertone.

Are you fucking kidding me, America? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Well, if skin-color is the only criteria we have to determine a person’s make-up then I – by association to this guy as fellow Caucasians – must be a hate-mongering, shit-kicking, uneducated, intolerant, vile piece of shit too!

This comes as quite a shock to me as I’ve always fancied myself an OK guy.

I think that if you are ass backwards enough to decide, much less admit in a public forum, that your vote will be dictated by your own inability to judge people fairly based on the issues of the day as opposed to their pigmentation, then you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

I understand how this guy’s mindset came to exist. I do. There is an element in this country that feels entitled. They feel that they are owed something simply for being born, while the rest of us pay the freight.

Trouble is, folks, that those people come in all colors too. It’s easy to generalize and point the finger to the inner cities where the highest percentage of those offenders is often black. But run the numbers all through the country… Don’t just look at the projects – check the trailer parks, too. Check the apartment buildings and hotel rooms that are populated with illegal workers who are receiving health benefits while paying nothing to support the system that they’re undercutting.

My point is, people see what they want to see. With that in mind we need to encourage them to open their fucking eyes as they look to assign blame for our problems.

One reminder, though – instead of looking around, you may want to focus on looking up because shit rolls downhill. One final note – as you know, shit comes in a host of colors depending on what the food source was. I say we’ll probably be seeing a lot of green shit in the years to come as the byproducts of our economy are dumped back upon us.

But then again, what do I know? I’m just a dumb fucking redneck, remember?

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