Guitarification Continues

Guitarification Continues

Monday, January 25, 2010
Tonight we dialed in some guitar tones and worked on “Goodbye Song.” My guitar skills do not threaten the employment of any real guitar players, but I wanted to log a little time behind the six-string! We double-tracked some power chords and I threw down some melodic leads and a solo. The song is really sounding good and I can’t wait for the pace of things to steamroll a bit…

Monday, February 22, 2010
And just as I mention the pace steamrolling a bit we lose several weeks to the biggest snowstorms in our area in decades. Nice. Finally tonight we resumed and I re-cut the melodic guitar pieces on “Goodbye Song” with a new and improved tone courtesy of Ronni’s ears and Dave Barber’s Dr. Z amp! Things were slow to get going as we had some trouble with the G strings – not an uncommon problem for guys – but we eventually got on a roll…

Later we decided to jump into another track and we chose the Jet-sounding tune “Stay” as our target. It’s a lovely little song about a guy who picks up and later falls for a one-night stand who is no stranger to that circumstance herself.

I tracked one pass of the loud, crunching guitars using the PRS SE and then Ronni did a similar second pass on the G&L. Together they sound badass and they’re not even mixed yet. I can’t wait to get this album out to everyone, but wait we shall as there is yet another storm in the forecast… (Hey, sounds like a lyric!)

Monday, March 1, 2010
After checking out some additional layers of guitars that Ronni added to “Stay,” we got rolling on some guitars for “Dementia.” The night looked like it might get the best of us as the newly re-strung G&L suddenly didn’t want to stay in tune. After some adjustments from Ronni and a few choice curse words from both of us, it was time to get down to business. I played the PRS SE while laying down the first of two parts reminiscent of The Cure, then switched to the G&L again for Part Deux. All of tonight’s noise made possible by the lovely Fender Twin Reverb owned by Mr. Bertling.

Nick joined us later, bringing Wendy’s for the hungry engineer as we brainstormed what should come next and then spent way too much time watching bad live performances on YouTube. Thank you, Toto! Work on “Dementia” should resume Thursday with keyboards and additional guitars on the docket. And maybe some synth parts played off of this very cool iPhone app I have. It’s worth doing just to list “iPhone” after my name on the performance credits!

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