Six Strings And Things

Six Strings And Things

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Back in the studio to work on some more guitar tracks. Suffice to say I really need to practice, but what the Hell, right? It’s rock and roll. Turn it up. Bang it out. Slap some effects on it to cover the flaws. Done. One side note here, guitars hate me and go out of tune as often as they can when I touch them…

The weapons of choice for the day were Dave Barber’s Hamer and Frankenstein Highway One Tele with a Mexican Strat neck on it, going into either the Dr. Z Carmen Ghia or the Fender Twin Reverb. Due to a fuse-blowing or tube issue, the Twin Reverb is now a Singleton Reverb but it sounds great!

We started by cutting the chorus parts for “Dementia” which is shaping up to be the best Cure song they never wrote! Next we moved on to “Sunrise” and I added some nice single note counter melody stuff to the choruses. Our dinner break included a whole family of Chinese people dressed as if they were going to church, and a woman who was more than happy to spill all of the details of her pathetic life at about 120 decibels. Thank you for the entertainment, McDonalds of Parkville!

After dinner Ronni added some chunky guitars throughout “Sunrise” and then we tinkered with some mix things before calling it a night. Ever forward.

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