Inside Out & More

Inside Out & More

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Tonight we did some initial tests of the Shure SM-7 microphone to gauge how well it’s going to do with my voice and it sounds pretty sweet! After that it was time to play with my organ… on the track for “Inside Out” that is. A little old-school Hammond goodness in the form of the Native Instruments B4 software makes for a cool addition to the song. I am no Billy Preston, but I happy with the parts we added and I can really hear it shaping up. There are only a couple more little touches instrumentally and then it will be time to sing this one.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
A few more experiments with the microphone configuration and then we cut a vocal for “Inside Out”. Unfortunately, the pollen that has coated my house recently has also coated my throat and I could not sing worth a damn. No worries. We kept that pass as a scratch vocal and moved on to some acoustic guitar additions. My Big Baby Taylor set up in Nashville tuning made for some colorful flourishes sprinkled into the mix. Now there is only the guitar lead and vocals remaining for that tune. The beat goes on…

My plan for distributing the songs is in flux a bit. The way my life is structured right now has not allowed me to spend nearly as much time as I would like working on my music. As such, it’s taking a considerably longer time than I expected to get anything out for people to hear. To offset that, I am planning on releasing one song at a time as digital downloads when they are completed.

This will allow everyone to hear some of my work and hopefully build interest in each future release in a grass roots way. By the time I have all the tracks available I will have hopefully made enough in sales to fund the production of the physical CD version as well as initial recording sessions for new material. Also, I will have had time to assemble a band to help me take these songs out live.

If you purchase enough of the tracks as digital downloads, you will automatically be eligible to receive a copy of the CD when it is released. That’s the plan so far, anyway. I welcome feedback on whether or not that sounds like a good idea. Stay tuned… much more to come.

Monday, June 21, 2010
Well, there is nothing quite like cutting a lead vocal to make a guy think he can’t sing at all any more… Or maybe I should say never could. What a mush-mouth I am sometimes! I had to go line-by-line and clear up some of my pronunciations and melodies so you the listener won’t ask yourself if I am some sort of Darius Rucker disciple! In the end it was worth the extra time spent, as we completed the lead vox for “Inside Out,” and added a double track for good measure.

I realize that some of my comments in this blog make the whole process sound like more of a chore than a joy, but that’s only because I am so back-logged on material. I hope to keep gaining momentum and improving at this whole process so the songs start to fall into place much faster (relatively speaking) than they have to this point. I would say that I am concerned to make sure that people like the songs, but I am not sure that’s even true. This is really more for my own edification. If you guys love the tunes then so be it, but this is something I’ve been needing to do since I was 25 and I am finally within sight of the first of many finish lines to follow!

Stay tuned. The saga continues…

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Backing vocals for “Inside Out” are now down. Had to do a little Scott Weiland impersonation on the pre-chorus – minus the heroin, of course. There’s no room in the budget for those sorts of things. Singing high. Singing low. Singing loud. Singing soft. Singing… Now all that remains for this tune is the guitar lead and some studio wizardry from Ronni to bring it all together…

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