The Devil Unknown

The Devil Unknown

I buried my head in the sand
Until the high tide came in
Now where castles used to stand
All that remain are ruins
Walls that once seemed invincible
Crumbled in waves
My soul laid bare until finally
There was nothing left to save

The sunset’s orange glow
Sets fire to the sea
The devil unknown
Burns inside of me

I walked with my eyes to the ground
No map and no destination
You’ve got to be lost to be found
Aimlessly seeking salvation

The flames’ golden glow
A damnable heat
The devil unknown
Burns inside of me

The embers’ red glow
Shadows flicker and dance
The blaze now under control
Warms me into a trance
All at once it could explode
All it takes is a spark
Because the devil unknown
Burns in my heart

About the Author

I am patiently waiting for the Mothership to take me back to my planet.