I fall on my back
In a field of dandelions
Squint my eyes and stare into the azure sky
The sun is warm on my face
And I’m in a waking dream
Lost in a place I never want to leave

But when something feels too good to be true
That’s usually because it is
You can’t believe in make-believe forever
The sun retreats behind the horizon
The moon takes center stage
And shines a different light on things

And in that different light your eyes shine bright
But not when they look into mine
Through time and tide they just can’t hide the truth
And though I don’t know when
I hope I’ll see you again
And maybe you’ll look at me as you once did

I crawl into my bed
And I feel empty inside
Close my eyes and dare sleep to arrive before the dawn
And when tomorrow wakes me
I wish for the day to take me
Back to that place, sublime and serene

If this were a different time would your eyes still shine
Like stars in a clear night sky
For my sake I tell myself that is the case
Until I see you again someday
I’ll pass the time recalling the way
I felt when you looked at me as you once did

About the Author

I am patiently waiting for the Mothership to take me back to my planet.