Chasing The Daylight

Chasing The Daylight

Chasing the daylight
As it’s running away
Toward the horizon
Forever on its way
Into tomorrow
Where it starts all over again
For now it’s goodnight
Until then

Beneath the starlight
Until it disappears
And from the grey sky dawning
Rain is music to the ears
We wait for the storm to recede
Sometimes shelter
Is all we need

Time marches on and we follow in its steps
Never quite drawing near
It doesn’t stop, doesn’t wait, doesn’t even hesitate
To leave you in the rearview mirror

Shading the sunlight
That shows the way
A bright orange morning
A brand new day
Into the blue we go
Don’t stop until we must
Now is the dreamtime
Among the settling dust

Keep chasing the daylight…

About the Author

I am patiently waiting for the Mothership to take me back to my planet.